Blog #10

There’s a lot of things that bug me. Maybe because I have a low tolerance for stupidity, I don’t know ;n;. But, this one isn’t about stupidity, maybe it is, I can’t tell. 

It bugs me when majority of us girls only pay attention to adorable cute little boys, or, hot older guys. Y’know what I mean? Let’s say a girl posts a singing video and it’s perfect, she only gets ten likes and two comments, then, a little boy/older boy posts a HORRIBLE video of him singing (sometimes it’s good) and would you look at that, he has 1990 more likes then the girl that did 10x better than him. And the boy’s will only like it if the girl is older and hot, let’s face it.

Why do us girls have to discriminate our own kind? We say “Girl power,” and that type of shit, but we don’t stand up or follow that rule at all? But, anyways, I understand he’s “cute” and everything, but really? Is that the only reason why you like him? He could be a horrible singer, and all your focused on is his looks? I mean, seriously girls, step up your game. 

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Blog #8

    This is a rant about men, if you don’t like rant’s like this.. you might want to leave.

    I don’t understand men, I really don’t. I understand I’m only twelve.. but, I’m trying to wrap my head around how they work and how they look at us women. One minute, they say they want a girl that is healthy and fit and funny, and then.. BOOM. They want something different, at least these are the men that I’ve met.. I haven’t dated anyone, so I might be wrong. But the guys that I’m friends with, are kind of like this. Like, wtf, like Katy Perry said: “You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes.” DAMN RIGHT, KATY PERRY, YOU GET EM’. But, yea.. you know what I mean. 

   The other thing that bugs me about men is that, they act like they don’t care.. Y’know what I mean? I tell my father “Hey can you get some fruit’s and vegetable’s next time you go to the grocery store?” “Yea, sure, okay.” What does that mean? Does that mean that you’re getting it or not? Why can’t you just say “Yea, sure.” I don’t understand.. ;n;

   Then, my major problem. I’ve never had a boyfriend, (I’m serious). But, when a guy doesn’t tell you they like you. WTF. I want to know that you like me, so that I can go off and brag about it to my friend’s! just kidding. No, but really. Grow some balls and confess your liking for me. So at least I know. 

  Thank you for reading until this point of my blog. Have a nice day, bye!

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Blog #7

Have you ever tried to recreate yourself? I’ve tried to- but it failed.. I’ve tried this many times before, but I just can’t seem to let myself go of who I am and who I don’t want to be. You see, I have friends on Skype in my little ‘group’ since I’m blonde, they all call me stupid. And I’m forced to sit there and laugh at it when really inside it’s tearing me apart, little by little. So, on that note, I’ve tried to make myself seem and sound smarter.. y’know? But it didn’t ever work, they still called me stupid n’ shit. And, I can’t really say stuff like “I’m getting a diary” because they’ll take off and run with it like wild men. And make it sound so stupid, when I really wanted a diary at that moment and I wanted them to take me seriously, but they never will. So, I have to accept who I am, I guess. And deal with them for as long as I know them..

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Blog #6

Have you ever gone somewhere where you think- “Oh, I’ll be safe here. No guy can kidnap me.” For me, it’s acting class. The acting coach has an assistant- Dylan.. f-ing weirdo. He’s either in his 20’s or 30’s. I thought every guy there was fine, y’know I didn’t mind them until he came. 

I was once watching someones scene and I feel like someone’s watching me, so I look over to my right and I see him staring at me with these eyes. Now- this is the first time this has happened to me in acting class. So I gave him a stink eye, and he looks away. Later that day in the acting class we were playing games to help us on our acting choices and stuff (we do this every night). And I’m raising my hand and stuff saying I want to go next and I see him giving me these signals with this face to put my hands down with this AWKWARD smile- LIKE DUDE, WTF? Does he not understand I’m a child? And is he aware of what he’s doing? Apparently not, because that bitch was still looking at me the next class a week later. 

The week later, I was hoping my scene partner would show up so I didn’t have to do my scene with the assistant.. which was Dylan.. But my scene partner didn’t show up so I did have to do that.. He also looked at me that day too. So I’m hoping this bitch backs off and goes away ;n;

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Blog #5 

I should really just call my blog “Dani’s Rant Blog’s” because this is another rant/question.

I have this one friend, Madison. Now.. I don’t get her. I really don’t. We’ve been friends since we were, what.. eight years old? So, we’ve been friends for four years now. Little Dani thought we would be friends forever- but little Dani was wrong. Let me just tell you about my friend (Madison). Madison is a confusing, rude, self-centered friend.. and she has become this over the past year or two now. I understand she had a rough childhood- her mother abused her when she was a little child by not feeding her and her father would have to come pick her up to feed her (her father has custody over her now). So- I really don’t want to be rude to her because I feel really bad for her. But her behavior is just getting outrageously uncontrollably rude lately. My “Blog #4” is about her, too. We’re both twelve, and now I’m just starting to notice how RUDE her behavior is.

Incident #1: The first time I noticed her rude behavior was last year in the summer time. She ignored me for a month- I thought I did something wrong, because this happened right after we had a playdate/sleepover. So, I asked her.. because I wanted to know if I was being rude. According to her I did nothing.. so why did she ignore me then? I still don’t know to this day. But that’s when  it hit me that she was a rude friend. 

Incident #2: We had a playdate a few months after ‘Incident #1’ happened. As a normal 11 year old does, when you have playdates with your friends you play games on your iPads and such. So.. we were playing Minecraft on the iPad and.. my little sister was playing with me and Madison.. Madison goes over to my seven year old sisters house and takes all her stuff, blames it on me, hides the stuff underground, and then finally says it was her. So- obviously I’m a little pissed off at her (so is my sister) and we try to find the stuff and she’s over there laughing her ass off at us as I’m helping my sister. She never told us where it was- ever. So.. I go over to her house and ask for the stuff back nicely and she says “No!” and runs off- in real life. My mom finally steps into the situation and asks Madison to give the stuff back because my little seven year old is crying. (Yes, I understand this is a game and we shouldn’t have made it such a big deal but we where 11 year olds at the time). Finally, I find the stuff and Madison calls my mom a jerk and runs and grabs my iPad and hides it somewhere in my house. What does my mom do? Call her Dad. And the day later she calls me and acts like nothing happened the day before that. 

Incident #3: I’m surprised I can’t remember any of the other incidents from that year, but this is what happened this year (We’re twelve now). It’s January and it’s her birthday and stuff, and I now live two hours away from her (thank god). So, for her birthday our parents decide to do a trip to Six Flag’s Magic Mountain, since I live three/four minutes away from there. So, I’ve never been to a huge roller coaster park before. So, if you can imagine I’m very excited about this trip, so is Madison. So, we’re about to leave and little twelve year old Madison over here says “Jesus, can your mom like hurry up she’s taking forever.” I respond back saying “Give her a minute, you can wait.” And she gives me a dirty look- I said that sentence in a very nice way.. but I don’t like people saying shit about my mom. So, when we get there we go to the first ride- it’s all fine y’know.. but the second ride is a longer line- like 30 minutes (not that much from the other rides). And she says “Dani, this is stupid I’m not waiting that long for a stupid ride.” So, I say fine then you guys can go eat and I’ll go on the ride with my mom. She leaves to get food with her dad and my sister (Because my eight year old sister isn’t tall enough). The ride was amazing, btw. When we get off the ride and go to where they were eating, she just says “I’m sick and tired” in this bratty ass voice, then she says it again. A few minutes after we eat “Dani, how was the stupid ride?” and I was just done with her at tho point- like bitch no. Anyways, I respond back saying “The stupid ride was amazing and not stupid.” so she shakes her head and rolls her eyes and then says “Can we like, go now?” We don’t go on your demand, sweetie.. but we went anyways.

Incident #4: I’m Facetiming her, and stuff and I was saying “I love myself for not being like most girls these days (Not that they’re bad or anything), because I haven’t had my first boyfriend or kiss yet. So I was there all proud of myself and she says Dani.. most girls don’t have they’re first kiss until 15 or their own boyfriend until 16. I’m sorry, what? Are you telling me I’m stupid, Madison? Little did I know, she was.. because I said “Well, a lot of girls have been telling me that they have a boyfriend and/or have had their first kiss.. and they’re all 11-13.” I know my shit, I knew I was right in this situation but to her I was just a stupid blonde. So she responds back saying “Well, Dani, they’re stupid and so are you for saying that.. lol” I really wanted to respond back saying “You can’t just say that because you haven’t had your first kiss or boyfriend.” But I was to scared to say that.

Incident #5: I was talking about how my parents are either going to buy land and build a house or buy a house in the valley area. So I was all happy and stuff- and before I tell you what she said, her dad wants to buy land and build a house too, so she was judging her own father. So, Madison said this: “Dani? Why are your parents going to buy land? It’s such a stupid option- it takes forever and what even type of house would you build? Could you even afford it?” so I ended that call with her.

I’m sorry if this is to long and such, I just had to rant on about my friend- I also hope that I don’t sound like a bad friend.. but do you guys have a friend like this?

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Blog #4 

There’s a lot of cussing from my anger in this blog. 

This is going to be a big rant. So.. if you don’t like rants then.. just go away.

Have you ever had a friend that went to god damn camp, leaves for a week. And after they get back, y’know you want to know how it was (normal). So, you FaceTime them or call them at 12:00 P.M.. and they say “I’m eating breakfast.” Okay, that’s normal. So, I call her back at 6:00 P.M “I’m busy.” 

1. What the god damn fuck, it’s been six hours. It took you six hours to eat breakfast? 

2. I know when she’s playing Sims, because well Origin lets you know when your friends are playing games. 

So, I think this is no problem.. because this was the first day it happened. After day one, I do the same thing. Same, fucking, thing, happens. Now I’m getting mad. So I do this for one more day, the third day, and the same thing happens. Now I’m starting to think I did something. No, I didn’t.. I know I didn’t, because what could I have done to her in a week when she didn’t have any electronics at camp? Well? Nothing, so it’s not my fault. 

A week later, she texts me on Origin saying.. “WOO! DANI! I’M GOING TO MAUI TOMORROW.” what the fuck- I don’t even know anymore. You expect me to be SOOOO happy for you after you ignored me for two fucking weeks? NO, SORRY IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. So I ignore it. Now she’s texting me on Instagram and all this shit about how great Maui is and I’m just sitting here like “What do you want me to say?”

You might think I’m jealous of her going to Maui, trust me, I’m not. I don’t want to go there until I’m older anyways. 

but yea, this is my rant about my stupid f-ing friend. 

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Blog #3

I laugh at my own blog sometimes..

Have you ever been so happy that you cried yourself to sleep? Not from sadness, but from being happy. That happened to me a few months ago.. I don’t really know the reason. Maybe because I’m a girl and a girl just cries of random happiness because I needed to. i don’t know. But, this type of cry was different.. I was crying, but I wasn’t crying. It’s hard to explain. I had tears coming down my face and stuff, but I didn’t feel like I was crying. It’s very complicated.. normally when I cry I want people to hear my cry so that they’ll help me (when I’m hurt or sad). This time, I wanted no one to hear me, I didn’t want help. I wanted that moment to myself.. but it doesn’t really help when you’re sisters room is right next to yours. So when I thought I was crying to loud I would start laughing from the happiness with tears running down my face. MAYBE I’M A PSYCHO I don’t know. But, it was a weird feeling, because this was the first time this happened to me. 

Am I just one weird girl, or, has this happened to other people, too?

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Blog #2 

When I was a kid I didn’t care about dying, I wasn’t scared of it. But, until you have someone die in your family you don’t notice how precious life is.. And how short it is. 

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Blog #1 

This is my first blog, so..  sorry if I get a little carried away 

I’m a model and actress, you might think I’m lying but I’m not (I promise). But, what I truly want to do, and what my heart is telling me to do, is modeling. I don’t want to sound like one of those fake, phony girl’s that says “Oh, I want to be a model” (no-offense). I don’t want to sound like one of those people.. at all. 

I know some people think the modeling business is ‘corrupt’ in a way it is, but in other ways it’s not. In my mind, I find some things offensive, like.. the photographer won’t hirer you for the job because he/she is jealous of you or places like Europe or Russia (this is what I heard) or New York, maybe, sends thirteen year old girl’s out to Asia (don’t take this to offense) to make them become a ‘woman’ when they’re basically sending them out there for the end of their carrier. Because the people who choose the models don’t want ‘women’ they want fresh, new looking faces. So yes, in my opinion that is the bad side of modeling.

Other than that, I love modeling. I love being in-front of the camera and taking photo’s. I love to pose and get my make-up done. Yes, is the money good, sure. But is that the main reason why I love it? No. 

I’m kind of.. acting like a bee with an itch.. sorry about that, I got a little carried away. But, that was my first blog.. WOO. (Do hashtag’s work on here?) #blog #modelingblog #modeling

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